Poe Necklace - Featured Image

Wearable art: where worlds intersect

This is where my two sides, the jewelry artist and the painter meet. Between the two worlds hang a number of small pendants, paintings of magical eyes and ghostly faces in plain or elaborate wire-work frames that allow them best to watch over the threshold of jewelry and painting – and over their wearers’ internal and external realities.

Most jewelry can be worn nonchalantly, picked simply for their beauty to complement an evening’s outfit. And there’s nothing wrong with that, of course. Some pieces are harder to throw on, though. When you’re wearing an actual painting, it’s hard not to consider what it will say to the world about you – and, even more importantly, what knowing you are wearing a symbolic piece will mean to you yourself.

The final interpretation remains your secret, of course – and it’s up to you whom you initiate into it, why, and when.