A preview of a tutorial


Tutorials! Would you like to try your hand at making wire wrapped jewelry – or possibly at gifting your best-behaving petite Blythe with some knitting needles? 🙂 Look no further: visit the Tutorials section of my deviantArt gallery, pick a topic, read the description, then simply download and follow the high resolution tutorial images.

Be careful with the wires and all the various tools, though. If you’re careless, they can be dangerous. And if you’re a kid, make sure to ask for your parents’ or guardians’ approval and help. Together it’s more fun – and a lot safer, as you can look out for each other.

Coloring Pages! Coloring is great. You don’t have to worry about drawing, composition, and all that – you get to simply focus on picking and using your favorite colors the way you like. And sometimes that’s exactly what helps you overcome an artist’s block, or just relax. I love coloring.

So, come early 2018, you will also find a number of Coloring Pages here for you – for your personal use – to download and have fun with. For free. Do check back here in a month or two! (Or just read the Blog where I’ll surely post about it.) 😉