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You can find me elsewhere around the web as well:

The most important of them all is my Etsy shop. This is where I practically work and where I meet my customers online. This is also where you can find and buy my art and jewelry pieces – and possibly even talk about custom orders via Etsy’s Conversations option.

The second best place to find me is my Instagram. I regularly update my feed with various art and jewelry photos, work-in-progress shots, and other things that interest and intrigue me. It’s fun! 🙂

I often post on Facebook as well, where I focus on my finished pieces, primarily. It’s a bit (a lot) more business-like than Instagram.

Should you feel curious about what I’m interested in otherwise, you can find and follow me on Pinterest too. It’s a great site for collecting things you love or find interesting on the web.

I also have a deviantArt gallery. I do update it with photos and artworks from time to time, but  I’m not too active there these days.

In case you have a serious business inquiry that Etsy’s Conversations – my preferred contact method – isn’t better for, you may reach me here as well, via the following form: