Blog – Remaking Old Jewelry Remaking an old piece of jewelry - When I was a beginner jewelry artist, I made a lot of necklaces, but then ear cuffs and wraps took me over slowly… In the last 2-3 years I’ve made almost exclusively ear jewelry, which was OK for a while – but now I feel it’s not enough. In February I’ve made several new rings, […] My art journey – monthly review for March 2018 My art journey – monthly review for March - After the short spring break, I’m officially back! 🙂 I have missed the monthly review because of the break, so I start April with this. March was like a second February this year, at least for us. It was grey, gloomy and cold. Because of the sudden weather changes and lack of sunshine we have […]
BodaSzilvia jewelry: A wirewrapped key A short spring break - I hope you know what it’s like when you’ve been working hard and creatively, and yet waiting eagerly for true inspiration to strike – and suddenly it does. You’re full of ideas, and all the time and energy in the world doesn’t seem enough. Especially because you really are tired. And now you’re happy. Cautiously […] - Recreate an old drawing Recreate an old drawing - When you have an art block or just don’t know what to draw or paint, recreating an old piece might be a good idea. You already have a theme, so you can focus on the progress. You will see how much your art has improved since that old piece that will help you build confidence. […]
BodaSzilvia: Those nasty art blocks - How to deal with them? part 2 Those nasty art blocks – How to deal with them? Part 2. - In the previous post I talked about the various art block types, and gave you some tips on how to deal with them when they start (or at least told you about how I deal with them myself.) Now let’s talk about how I get back on track. 1. Start slow, do something I know […]
BodaSzilvia: Those nasty art blocks - How to deal with them? Those nasty art blocks – How to deal with them? Part 1. - Art blocks are the worst things for us, creative souls. Unfortunately, we have to deal with them from time to time, and the only good thing about them is that we know they don’t (have to) last forever. Can we prevent art blocks? What to do if they hit us? I’m going to share my […]
BodaSzilvia My art journey February 2018 My art journey – monthly review for February - Though I love winter (I was born in December), February is one of my least favourite months. The lack of fresh fruit and veggies plus the gloomy weather make me feel tired and a bit depressed. I had a lot of plans, but I’ve finished only half of them. I hope to be much more […]
Boda Szilvia - Soldered and wire wrapped ring process - featured Soldered and wire wrapped ring process - I very rarely make rings for my shop, and this is a shame, because I love them! (After earrings and ear cuffs, rings are the jewelry I wear most often.) I’ve decided that this year I’ll change this, and make more of them. In this post I’ll show you the process of how I work. […]
BodaSzilvia: Poe portrait oil painting process Poe portrait oil painting process - This year I’ve decided to make much less (if any) art for sale. One reason for that is I had to admit that two freelancer jobs are just too much for me. Jewelry is, and always will be a priority. The other reason is that I love experimenting and having fun with my art. I […]
BodaSzilvia: Time management problems – 5 things I'm still working on plus a free weekly planner Time management problems – 5 things I’m still working on, plus a free weekly planner - Time management is the part of my freelancer life I’m still struggling with, even after having been a full time etsy seller for nine years. It seems to be easy at first, but actually it’s pretty tricky… at least for me. Honestly, I don’t like writing this post. I do it anyway, because it’s important. […]