BodaSzilvia My art journey February 2018 My art journey – monthly review for February - Though I love winter (I was born in December), February is one of my least favourite months. The lack of fresh fruit and veggies plus the gloomy weather make me feel tired and a bit depressed. I had a lot of plans, but I’ve finished only half of them. I hope to be much more […]
Boda Szilvia - Soldered and wire wrapped ring process - featured Soldered and wire wrapped ring process - I very rarely make rings for my shop, and this is a shame, because I love them! (After earrings and ear cuffs, rings are the jewelry I wear most often.) I’ve decided that this year I’ll change this, and make more of them. In this post I’ll show you the process of how I work. […]
BodaSzilvia: Poe portrait oil painting process Poe portrait oil painting process - This year I’ve decided to make much less (if any) art for sale. One reason for that is I had to admit that two freelancer jobs are just too much for me. Jewelry is, and always will be a priority. The other reason is that I love experimenting and having fun with my art. I […]
BodaSzilvia: Time management problems – 5 things I'm still working on plus a free weekly planner Time management problems – 5 things I’m still working on, plus a free weekly planner - Time management is the part of my freelancer life I’m still struggling with, even after having been a full time etsy seller for nine years. It seems to be easy at first, but actually it’s pretty tricky… at least for me. Honestly, I don’t like writing this post. I do it anyway, because it’s important. […]
BodaSzilvia My art journey January 2018 My art journey – monthly review for January - Since this blog is about my journey as a freelancer artist, I’ve decided to dedicate the last post each month to looking back and reviewing my progress and achievements. 1. Jewelry I’ve spent most of this month on making new jewelry and working on my etsy shop. I have to admit I’m not the best […]
Why I chose Minimalism? Minimalist art vs. Minimalist lifestyle - If you’ve read my previous blog posts, you probably suspect that I’m a Minimalist. This is why I’ve decided to write a bit more about Minimalism, to avoid misunderstandings in the future. I also hope that some of you will consider giving it a try too. I admit, I used to be a hoarder. I’ve […]
Boda Szilvia - How I organize supplies and finished works plus seven tips for you How I organize my supplies + 6 tips for you - Artists are believed to be messy, disorganized people, but that’s just a myth (just like that most of them suffer from alcoholism, depression and other not too happy things). There are messy people and tidy ones, but we are all humans. 🙂 When I was younger, I thought that messy people are simply too lazy, […]
Boda Szilvia home studio and 7 tips for an inspiring art / craft space My home studio + 7 tips for setting up an inspiring art/craft space - If you want to improve and make progress in your art/craft, you need a dedicated space, but it doesn’t have to be huge or perfect. Though I’ve been a full time jewelry artist since 2009 and started drawing and painting again over 3 years ago, I did not have a studio for a long, long […]
Off to the city - featured image A Hungarian Jewelry Artist and Painter - Boda Szilvia: Introducing myself and my city, talking about why I have started a blog.