About Boda Szilvia

About Szilvia

My name is Boda Szilvia. I’m a self taught jewelry artist whose specialty is wire wrapped jewelry. My favourite styles are Steampunk, Victorian, Gothic, Pop Surrealism, and Art Nouveau. And I’m a painter as well.

When I was little, I dreamed about becoming a fashion designer. My family wanted me to have a ‘normal’ job, though, so I tried to find one. I studied graphic design, and interior design, and worked in these fields for a while – they were great, but ultimately too far from the dream I had. So I kept searching, until finally I found my own way as a jewelry designer and a painter.

I believe that our mystical, darker side is very important. We need to embrace it, and make it beautiful and exciting. By channeling the light of creative inspiration into the subconscious, we can work our way through the darkness, transforming it into art and artistic self-expression. Making and wearing jewelry, drawing and painting symbolic images are perfect ways to do this.

I never stop learning, searching for fresh inspiration and techniques to work with on my designs and artworks. I spend long hours (or days) on every piece, making each with great love and care.

Oh, and one more thing: My friends call me Szilvia. That’s my given name – and it’s pronounced like its English equivalent, “Sylvia”. You know, we write our family name first here in Hungary. Strange? Yes, it is.