My art journey - April 2018

My art journey – monthly review for April

April was mostly about jewelry – but not only jewelry.

After a long winter, it’s already early summer here in Budapest, Hungary, which means more going out for us, and less ‘hermiting’ inside. I don’t mind the nice weather, but I really miss springs. 😦

1. Jewelry

I’ve been doing a ‘30 day etsy listing challenge‘ this month that was inspired by drawlloween and other drawing challenges, but I do it a little bit differently. Instead of creating a new piece of jewelry every day this month, I’m listing a new piece every day in my etsy shop.

I’ll write a full post about this next week, though, so now I’ll just show you some of my favourite new jewelry:

2. Art

I’ve promised myself not to spend too much time on art in April, because the listing challenge is already tough enough to complete in itself, but (naturally) I couldn’t abandon my art supplies for so long.

I’ve started a new oil painting, and did a few sketches too.

BodaSzilvia: Nyxie

Next month I’ll spend much more time painting and drawing not only as a reward for doing the challenge, but also for another reason that I cannot talk about yet… but it’s very exciting! 😉

BodaSzilvia: Bat girl

Another very interesting thing has happened to me art-wise: I’ve started to experiment with abstract art! 😮

It’s one of the most surprising things ever, because I’ve never liked it.

My problem with abstract art is that it’s impossible to interpret it without knowing the artist personally and understanding why they’ve created a piece or what it means to them.

I know, most of the time the artist expects the viewer to find their own explanation, but when I look at someone else’s art, I want to know what they think or feel. I’m very interested in learning about their experiences and feelings. For me an abstract piece is like a story without an end.

On the other hand, creating abstract art is a lot of fun! You don’t have to care about finding a real subject to express your feelings or spend your energy on rendering things perfectly. You can focus on colors, composition, shapes, and textures, and learn new things about yourself.

I have no idea whether abstract art will be a permanent thing in my life or if it’s just a step towards something very different, but I’m looking forward to finding it out.

BodaSzilvia: abstract art

I realized that I had promised you free coloring pages, but I haven’t done any yet – so I’ve started working on them, and I’ll post at least one next month. She'll see You in May ;)

3. Personal

The first really exciting thing this month was finishing my studio makeover. I have my new pieces of furniture, including a real office chair at last! I’m still trying to keep it all minimal-ish, but I’ve decided not to sacrifice function for an idea, and be a bit more relaxed.

It’s just about finding the best kind of minimalism for myself, which takes time.
My studio is a mess at the moment, so I’m not taking any photos of it now, but I’ll do a ‘studio tour post’ soon. 🙂

I’ve also spent a lot of time with my plants this month. Even though I do like animals, I’m not a pet-person, but more like a plant-lady. 😀 I don’t have a real garden, only indoor plants and a few pots in the outside corridor of our flat for a small balcony garden, but I don’t mind. It still takes plenty of time to take good care of them, and since I don’t have a huge number of plants, I can have a deeper connection with each of them. This might sound strange, but plants are living creatures too. They don’t have a voice (or do they?), but I still feel if they are happy or sad. ❤

I took a few photos of them to show you how awesome they are:

The other change in my life this month was that we’ve started going out more often to meet other people. I guess it’s pretty ordinary for most of you, but it’s a huge thing for a hermit like me. 😀 Actually, I talked to more people this week than I did in the last 5 months!

One of these occasions was the opening of my friend’s – Suzannemonster – solo exhibition this Tuesday hosted by Macska (which is the Hungarian word for cat) and Memento Mori.

Suzanne is a young painter creating grotesque and macabre pieces using mostly watercolors and gouache. She has her own YouTube channel if you’re interested in this style, and you can also find her on Instagram.

Her style has gone through a lot of changes over the last few years from creepy-cute creatures (which are my favourites by her) to abstract-butchery-macabre style works.

Her current pieces are a mixture of the old ones, and though some of them are still a bit too creepy for me ( I’m a delicate little black flower inside :D), I really enjoyed seeing most of them in person.

The show ends on May 24th. If you are in Budapest, it’s definitely worth seeing (and if you’re already there, do try some of Macska’s tasty vegetarian food and special beers.)

April is still not over, and we have one more special event left to attend, which is Ugly Kid Joe‘s “America’s Least Wanted – 25th Anniversary” show!

If you like grunge and rock, you probably know them. 🙂 This show is very special to us, because this is the first time ever Hungarians can see them play live, in person. I’m especially excited about it as we haven’t seen any gigs for 3 years.

BodaSzilvia: Ugly Kid Joe tickets :)

All in all, April has been a pretty intense month for me. May won’t be much different either, as far as I can foresee it now – just as busy, but with more art! 🙂

Next week I’ll show you all the new jewelry I’ve listed in my etsy shop this month. I’ll also try to give some tips to those who want to try a 30 day challenge of their own.

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