BodaSzilvia jewelry: A wirewrapped key

A short spring break

I hope you know what it’s like when you’ve been working hard and creatively, and yet waiting eagerly for true inspiration to strike – and suddenly it does. You’re full of ideas, and all the time and energy in the world doesn’t seem enough. Especially because you really are tired. And now you’re happy. Cautiously happy, because inspiration is fickle, but happy.

Well, that’s what’s happened to me. Finally. 🙂

So… I must take a short, two weeks long spring break (now that spring is here officially) from blogging, and focus on channeling this new inspiration. Venilia painting

Don’t worry, though. I’ll be back in early April with new ideas, new art – like this painting of Venilia, who’s known as “the hope that comes”, among other things –, and new wire-wrapped jewelry, like that magical key you see above. 😉

Will you also be working on something new in the coming weeks? (I hope so!)

See you real soon!

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