BodaSzilvia My art journey February 2018

My art journey – monthly review for February

Though I love winter (I was born in December), February is one of my least favourite months. The lack of fresh fruit and veggies plus the gloomy weather make me feel tired and a bit depressed.

I had a lot of plans, but I’ve finished only half of them. I hope to be much more productive next month.

1. Jewelry

Though I created only a few new pieces, I spent a lot of time brainstorming, and came up with a very interesting new idea. It’s top secret for now, but I’ll share it with you as soon as I find out if it works. 🙂

My new jewelry are rings this month. My previous post details how I make them – in case you missed it, you can find it here. I hope my customers will like them, and I can make many-many more!

I’ve also started practicing more advanced metal smithing techniques. I really enjoy learning new things, working on new designs, and finding new materials to try. My only problem is that there are so many techniques and possibilities! It’s hard to decide which one to start with. 🙂

Boda Szilvia: metal smithing in progress

I already have several half ready pieces that I like, and I hope to finish them (or at least some of them) in March.

The reason why I’ve started learning metal smithing is to keep my shop fresh. Not only because I want my customers to come back, but also because it’s important to me to stay excited about my work. If I’m not passionate about it, it’s not worth doing it at all.

Here are some of my new favourite rings – which you will, as always, find on Etsy:


2. Art

At the end of last December I decided that 2018 will be a year of experimenting and learning new things – and I really enjoy it so far! It’s so liberating to give myself permission to try whatever I want, and not to take things too seriously! I’ve started learning more about illustration, practicing watercolor techniques, doodling, and hand lettering.

Skillshare has wonderful tutorials, I have a long-long list of saved classes I want to finish. 🙂

I haven’t tried new art supplies for a long time, so this month I bought a few Ecoline brush pens. I love them so far! They are filled with liquid watercolor, so you can use them as markers or watercolors. By adding water to them, you can have very interesting effects on watercolor paper, what’s more, they don’t bleed through the thinner paper like alcohol based markers do, so I use them in my bullet journal as well.

Doodling was something I couldn’t really understand up until now. To be honest, I always thought doodles are ugly and a waste of time. How wrong I was! I guess for most people doodling is a very natural thing, but not for a perfectionist! I was that strange kid in school who always had nice clean textbooks, and I never liked stickers, because I thought they’d ‘ruin’ my things. So yes, I’m currently learning how to doodle, how to try to be less perfect. I do it mostly to change my way of thinking and to accept that perfection is something that you can never reach. I still think my doodle sketchbook pages are ugly and chaotic, but I don’t give up! 🙂


3. Personal

Personally this month has been mostly about a constant fight with the winter blues.

I tried to relax a lot. I’ve spent many of my evenings curling up on the sofa with a blanket, candles, and hot tea, drawing, reading, or journaling.

I’ve restarted my 2018 bullet journal. 🙂 One day I just realized that it’s too minimal for me!

Boda Szilvia: my bullet journal February, 2018

If you’ve read my post about minimalism, you might remember that it’s different for everyone, and changes often.

My BuJo (bullet journal) was the simplest in the last 1.5 years. I’ve had only lists, and a very basic tracker, and it was perfect for a while. But now I feel the need of making it more interesting, beautiful, and fun to use. I’ve also realized that more visual trackers are better for me (now). So I took a big breath, bought a new, bigger Moleskine journal (classic XL size, dotted hard cover), and started planning my new new year.

I’m experimenting with several different spreads and tackers, I’m adding extra pages (one of them will be the spring cleaning page in March) – and I’m having so much fun! Of course, it takes much more time than the very minimal one used to, but I don’t mind that. I need to spend time with myself, and this is a fun way to do it. Should I find myself too busy, I can always return to a simpler version again.

I’ll surely write a full post (or even more posts) about my experiences in the future, so if you’re interested, do check back from time to time. 🙂

Another great thing that happened to me this month was that I fell in love with Lush!

Lush products

I’ve been using only natural cosmetics for almost seven years, but in the beginning they were very hard to find around here, and they weren’t very effective. I have a very dry and sensitive skin, so I have to be careful about what I use. The shower gel I used to buy got discontinued recently, so I’ve decided to give Lush a try. I’ve been familiar with them for a while, and I like it so much that they are against animal testing! I don’t switch brands easily, though – I don’t change the things I use unless I have to.

I’ve only started using the new Lush products a few days ago, so I’m still testing them, but I’m very happy with them so far! Our home smells amazing too. 🙂

And last but not least, the reason why I post one day late this week: yesterday we went to a Gem Faire!

Last year I’ve promised myself that I won’t buy new gems until I use up most of those that I already have, and I did a great job! I only have a few unused small stones left, so I badly needed more for my new jewelry! I bought a lot of beautiful things, I cannot wait to use them! 🙂

Gem Faire beauties

After all, February was not a very bad month, just not very productive.

Hopefully, spring will make me more active too. I have trillions of plans for the next months, I just need more energy to be able to work on them.

I often have art block in the first month of spring, so next week I’ll write more about this topic… and hope to prevent it this year. 🙂 My art journey Feb 2018 review
I’ll be happy if you pin this. 🙂


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